What’s Going on Here?

July 15, 2018… this bloggery just started… it’s been 84 days since Kateri passed away after a 4 month and 3 day dance with Metastatic Malignant Melanoma in the brain… and left me a widower.

This blog thingy is where I plan to unload, release, dump, and share what I am going through and how I’m doing it. I haven’t spoken to any “professionals” and I don’t plan on reading any books on the subject of loss any time soon… even though people give you plenty of books and suggestions on how to deal.  I figure I’m hanging in there ok… I’ve got pants on… and if there comes a time when I need to take other steps… I will.  I hope trying something new like this will be helpful to myself as I cope… and if you find it entertaining or if it helps someone out there in the world with their day… well… that’s just gravy. I’m planning to start the blogs with some of my Facebook posts which started the day after Kateri went into Palliative Care (April 12th, 2018 was the first post) and then go from there. Those posts may find their own home in the future… or may not. The blogs (?… is that what they’re called?) will cover all sorts of topics as I try to figure out this new life and you can find them in the “Bloggery” section (you probably figured that out!) Just to forewarn you, I have been in professional kitchens all of my adult life, 23 years… and married to Kateri… some posts may be colorful and/or a little blunt or raw.

I made Thirty Days of Mo(u)rning to have a place for me to share my experience, to get this and that off my chest, to consolidate my “widower” shit, to stretch my comfort levels, to tell my story… to talk… because I don’t have Kateri to talk to anymore. You are more than welcome to participate as long as you are respectful and intentions are good. Of course, I haven’t figured out where comments and stuff end up yet, but this is also me figuring out how to do this stuff… technology… from our little red schoolhouse so I’m just rolling with it. This homepage is gonna change, but it’s what I’ve got for now! I figure, if I’m gonna share my experience you might as well see the whole thing… making a blog and all.


Our Little Red Schoolhouse in the woods.